For the first time in 20 years, the people of East Hampton have a say in the future of the East Hampton Airport, KHTO (global call letters). It’s time to make our voices heard.

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On September 26th, 2021, the five members of the East Hampton Town Board gained the ability to stop the substantial noise and environmental pollution caused by KHTO as we know it today.


Serving less than 1% of local residents and visitors alike, providing little to no economic benefit to the Town, and contributing to significant air, water, ground and noise pollution, it’s a no brainer: it is time to close the East Hampton Airport


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It’s time for the 99% of us who live, work and play here to stand up for our well being.  For our planet, for our kids, for our health:
Close the East Hampton Airport Now



Write or call the Town Board
The fate of KHTO is in the hands of five individuals, many of whom are on our side and have actively tried to put limitations on the airport already. The Town Board has the opportunity to be heroes and stand up for what’s in the best interest of us all.


Write. Call. They need to hear from us all.

Need inspiration for what to say? Click here for a draft letter to make your own.  

Reenvisioning KHTO


Peter Van Scoyoc 



Kathee Burke-Gonzalez 

Cate Rogers  


David Lys  

Sylvia Overby 



Join the Coalition. Spread the word!

Friends, family, neighbors, all are welcome. So many people, from Queens to Southampton to Sagaponack to Noyac to Montauk to Shelter Island to Southold to Riverhead and beyond are negatively impacted by East Hampton airport. A recent noise study commissioned by EH Town showed over 50,000 complaints in the peak summer period in 2019 from over 600 locations in a 30-mile radius of the airport. And it’s only gotten worse!



For 20 years, the East Hampton Airport has been controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). By accepting FAA grants to maintain and expand the airport, the Town of East Hampton relinquished control over the nearly 600 acres of public land. As overhead traffic picked up over the past decade, the Town was powerless to stop the noise of low-flying helicopters or control the airport’s environmental impact. 

The Town Board has heroically tried multiple times to put a stop to the 24/7 flights and regain control. For example, in 2015 the East Hampton Town Board adopted a series of regulations to curb the excessive noise from inbound flights by imposing a flight curfew and limiting designated noisy aircrafts to landing only once a week. But, by 2017 federal courts overruled these local mandates, claiming that these regulations did not meet FAA guidelines. 

The Town tried other methods to assert local control over the airport. We worked to get a Part 161 study exemption to impose airport curfews, and our congressional representatives worked to amend FAA regulations to allow for curfews as well. 

But no matter how we, and our Town Board, tried to regulate the airport, we were blocked at every turn. Now, as our grant obligations to the FAA have expired, we have the chance to take back control over the airport. We can eliminate the incessant and dangerous overhead traffic and preserve our Town’s environment by closing the East Hampton Airport and creating something that actually serves the greater good of this community.



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"The East Hampton Airport is by far the single most destructive factor in terms of our environment and quality of life on the East End. We must stop subsidizing our own destruction," said Barry Raebeck.


We support closing the East Hampton Airport. Led by full time resident and former local public school teacher Barry Raebeck Ph.D., we are a nonpartisan group of friends and neighbors who care deeply about this issue.



We are not at this alone. Many groups across the East End and well beyond are standing up in this fight to close the East Hampton Airport. To learn more, we encourage you to visit:

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